Events 19.-25.6


Concert: Kap za "Kap u moru", A capella singing groups:


Korčula, Trg Antuna i Stjepana Radića, Ul. Korčulanskog statuta 1214

24.6 9pm-10pm


A capella singing group concert: Klapa Divna, Klapa Koštil, Klapa Moreška, Klapa Pulena and Klapa Sfida. 

The humanitarian concert Kap za "Kap u moru" NGO is organized by the Pauk NGO and Korčula Tourist Board for children in need. 


Blato wine and dine:


Blato, Gradski park Blato, 21.06.2023. 8:30 pm


Try authentic food, traditional delicacies & fine wine in the beautiful green ambiance of Blato park. 


International Rose day: 


Wine Bar Bokar & Wine Bar Mariola Korčula Town,

23.06.2023. 6pm – 11pm


Promotion of Korčula island Rose wines for all the romantic souls. The dress code is, of course; PINK!

Entrance: 20 €




Open cinema, Korčula  22.6 - 9pm


This must-see uniqe traditional sword dance is played in open air cinema this Thursday.


Boris Cvjetanović: Hemingway in Lastovo:


Korčula, St Mark's Square, 19.06.2023 – 31.07.2023


Did you know that Ernest Hemingway stayed in Lastovo to escape the “wide lawns and narrow minds” for a while?

Find out more details about this story at St Mark's Square.