Taste the island (1)


Taste the island (1)


Get ready to a gourmet tour. Here is the list of couple of most famous and delicious traditional meals of Korčula.


Beef stew (Korčulanska pašticada)


-One of the best known local dishes.

Beef is seasoned with garlic,dalmatian herbs and put into the marinade from wine vinegar over night. After that it is slowly cooked with onions,wine and a lot of love. It is served in special occasions with home made gnocchi.


Handmade pasta (Žrnovski makaruni)


-They are unique island specialty. Every piece of pasta needs to be hand rolled, and requires a lot of time and skill. It is traditionaly served with rabbit or beef stew, but is also often served with seafood and tomato sauce.


Boiled kale and potatoes with olive oil (kupus na tabak)


-Fresh local kale known as “raštika” is finely chopped (hence the name that refers to a way of chopping  tobacco leaves) and boiled with potatoes. After that it is heavily drizzled with olive oil and served with fish.