Taste the island wine

The tradition of viniculture on the Island can be traced back to the times of the ancient Greeks.

Korčula is best known for its local white wine. 

Here is the list of the most famous ones:



-White wine grape variety found on the island, specifically in village of Lumbarda.

The legend goes that the wine grapes absorbs the sea salt in the air giving it the unique crisp, fruity and slightly bitter taste.

It is not known whether it was named after its bitter taste or it was given the name by the Greeks who established their colony in Lumbarda and planted the first varieties of wine. 



-it has been grown for centuries by local families of wine producers in villages Smokvica and Čara.

It is one of the most popular Croatian white wine varieties. Pošip is a dry white wine known for keeping good acidity levels while the sugar levels rise during the summer. 



-light skinned grape variaty. It is perfect variety for a different wine styles-dry,sweet and sparkling wines. 

It found its ideal environment on this island more than a thousand years ago.  


Come to our rooftop terrace and enyoj a glass of Moro Inn pošip.